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PuRuiSe Expanded Metal Factory is a China supplier of precision made sheet
metal products, flattened expanded or raised mesh in mild steel and various
metals. PuRuiSe has been in the expanded metal mesh business for about 10
years to offer the best solutions for your needs.

Many metals can be expanded including aluminium, pre-galvanised mild steel,
mild steel hot rolled and cold rolled, stainless steel, zinc plated, Monel, titanium,
nickel, brass and copper. Special precious metals can also be processed to
customers requirements including gold, silver and platinum.

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A quick view of what we can do better for you:

Expanded Metals of Different Patterns:

Different expanded patterns give the metal various strength, ventilation area and property. So tell us your application will help us to offer you a better choice of our products. Typical patterns include Diamond, square, triangle and etc. A wide range of apertures can be custom made by expanding and raising of metal sheets.

The expanded metal is popularly used as steel fencing and machine guarding, industrial floor gratings, architectural partitions and building materials. We can also supply micron opening expanded metal mesh for new fields of applications such as filters and screening, etc. 

Expanded Metal of Various Materials:
We mainly offer expanded steel metal with the finish treatment of galvanizing. This is the most economic expanded metal products. Expanded mesh can be also processed from stainless steel, aluminum, nickel and other metals.

Expanded metal can be processed into various building materials like angle bead and metal lath used for construction of walls.

We also supply expanders, flatteners, slitters, roll formers and full production line for making of expanded metals.

Common Specifications:
Sheet thickness:0.5mm-8mm
Hole width: 2.5mm-50mm
Hole length: 4.5mm-100mm
Opening Expanded: 0.5mm-8mm
Special designs or sizes are also available at requests.

Mostly Used Diamond Hole Expanded Metal Mesh:
Mild Steel Raised Expanded Mesh in diamond opening is the most versatile expanded sheet materials. It can be made with different hole apertures and metal thicknesses to suit your individual applications. Diamond is the popular one.

Mild steel expanded mesh is made from sheets or coils of solid metal that are slit and stretched with each stroke of the upper die, forming a raised diamond pattern. The raised steel mesh is used for fencing of plants and machines with its good strength and protection. The raised diamond pattern also gives the sheet metal non-slippery surface which makes it suitable for industrial flooring and stair treads.
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